Results of Testing by Independent Lab


Please find enclosed the results of our microbial challenge analysis on your [QuickPure™ A and QuickPure™ C]. The purpose of the analysis was to determine the Kill rate of the units utilizing ozone as the disinfectant.

E. coli bacteria was the organism of choice. A stock culture was prepared at LSL prior to the testing. An aliquot of the stock was placed into laboratory DI water and centrifuged. The supernatant DI water was decanted and bacterial pellet resuspended in fresh DI water. This procedure was followed three times to make sure no organic material remained in the bacterial stock to interfere with the ozone. The final bacterial pellet was resuspended in 20 ml of fresh DI water and was used as the standard spiking solution for the analysis.

For the QuickPure™ A unit approximately 4000 ml of lab DI water spiked with 1.0 ml of bacterial spiking solution was added to the unit. The unit was put through its cycle by LSL personnel. At the end of the cycle the first one liter of water dispensed was placed in a sterile one liter bag containing sodium thiosulfate. It should be noted that a small amount of salt had to be added to the DI water to allow the unit to operate properly. The above procedure was followed two times with the carbon filter in line and two times with the carbon filter not in line. From each one liter bag obtained, two 100 ml samples were tested for E. coli recovery. This was accomplished using the Millipore Filtration Method, referenced in the Standard Methods of Analysis for Water and Wastewater, 19th ED. Both the initial spiking solution and test water were analyzed by the Total Plate Count method to determine levels of E. coli actually spiked into the units. This sample procedure was followed with the QuickPure™ C unit using 2000 ml of lab DI water and 0.5 ml bacterial spiking solution.

Results: The average level of E. coli spiked into each of the units was 12 x 106 cfu/100 ml as determined by the Total Plate Count Method. Of the 16 Total Coliform analysis performed all were negative, having no growth.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about the data presented or the methods used in the analysis. Thank you for the opportunity to be of service.

/s/ Hugh Guider
Hugh Guider, Director
Client Services